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It doesn't matter how good or how healthy a diet is, if people don't follow it, it does them no good. Change has to be the first priority, and that only happens with acceptance of your body and self when it comes to your relationship with food. ~ Carlene
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We talked about the black hole of depression today.  The black hole that makes us not care and makes us eat.  Sometimes I have fallen into the hole by accident.  Other times I have defiantly jumped in.  No matter how many times I find myself into that hole, Carlene reaches in and pulls me out; thank God!  Today she said, "stay away from the black hole.....find happiness."  Today I decided that Carlene is right.  The black hole only brings misery and pain.  Today I stayed away from the hole.....I didn't even get near it.  Thank You Carlene!

Cheri Obese After Click here to read how I helped Cheri prepare for her zip line adventure on Richard Simmons Cruise last year.

Cheri is going to zip line again this year with us while at the Pagosa Springs Live Boot Camp.

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100 Pounds in 7 Months Challenge

Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Week Session
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Lose 100 lbs in 7 consecutive months (I did it in 6) and win $500 along with 4 free weeks of RFBC. In those 4 weeks, if you lose 6 more pounds, you will earn another 4 free weeks. After you win the challenge, each 4 week session you lose 6 or more pounds, you will receive another 4 free weeks of camp.

To make this happen, you will need to do a Butt Kicking program. 100% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw and work up to 2 hours of walking a day.
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Raw Food Boot Camp

Cost: Free Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Week Session
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In December Everyone was invited to 5 days of Raw Food Boot Camp Free. It was a great success. I have left the audios and the discussion open to anyone interested in RFBC to listen to and read. Use the link above, click on Introduction to Raw Food Boot Camp, then click on 5 Day Agenda and Daily Audios. You don't need to log in. They are there free for you to peruse. Raw Food Boot Camp has fresh starts every Monday. Use the link above to read about our program and see the fees associated with it. I have been running this camp with great success for over five years now. The women at camp are awesome. You won't find a better support group for the obese using 100% or a high raw diet for weight loss. Read more on this page to get a good feel for what we are about.

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Since 2005, I have been helping the obese deal with their food addictions and losing large amounts of weight in a relatively short period of time.

I am a tough coach. I do not believe in coddling, I ask for explanations instead of excuses. I expect that no matter how hard you fall that you always get back up and try again. I insist that you learn what is right and wrong in your relationship with food (most of it is wrong!) and I hold you to the tenant that life is not stagnant and that each of us has the ability to change, the ability to stand up to ourselves when it comes to food, and the courage to shed our fat suits and live our lives as thin and healthy.

In June of 2005 I was a depressed obese woman contemplating my future without hope of ever beating obesity. By February of 2006, just 9 months later, I had lost 136 pounds without weight loss surgery, without drugs, and with such great health and vitality I barely knew what to do with myself. Under pressure from others, I started offering support to obese women for fast weight loss using the same raw foods diet I had used. After many years of supporting these women who wanted fast weight loss with a diet I considered the perfect diet for the obese, I learned many many things. The most important: it does not matter what diet an obese person chooses, if that person is not ready or willing to correct their relationship with food they will not/cannot lose weight and keep it off.

This was a big lesson for me and is the reason I wrote Fat Brain Lies and am now offering support to obese men and women outside the raw foods lifestyle. The techniques I use are not so much about the food eaten as they are about the responsibility taken and therefore are pertinent to all obese men and women regardless of their diet.
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I offer a variety of support programs for those looking to find peace with their relationship to food. My specialty / passion / expertise is in obesity. As a woman who has had to deal with obesity most of her life, I have now taken on the challenge of helping others, who are at that hopeless stage I was at in 2005, find a way to health, happiness and permanent weight loss.

This morning I saw someone found my website through the Google words, "Can I trust an obesity life coach." I smiled, because I know I never would have. I searched for someone who could help me for years, but they always gave me canned diets, never listened to what I felt I needed, and told me what I wanted just couldn't be done. Of course these counselors were always stick thin and had never spent a day of their life controlled by food. I never could have trusted them because there was no way they would ever understand the complexity of my love hate relationship to food. And I never could have shared with them the dirtiest of my eating habits or obesity based humiliations for fear of being judged.

So in answer to this Google question as it pertains to me. You can trust me to listen to you, to take into account who you are as a person, to understand that just because you don't want to eat that piece of chocolate doesn't mean you won't, to totally relate to the lazy gene that keeps you on the couch, believe you when you tell me you exercise for hours a day and never lost weight, and to have empathy and personal knowledge as to the hopelessness and depression your obesity has caused.

On the other hand, I don't coddle. I will tell you how I see it. I will guide you, offer you suggestions and even stories to prove you are not as unique in how dysfunctional you are when it comes to food. I will push you to get off that couch, to use those legs and get moving. I will show you how you can start making daily choices that will not only allow you to lose the weight, but allow you to keep it off.

I have been coaching obese men and women since I lost my weight in 2005. Through these years I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. I will give you the extent of my experience and knowledge. I will show you options you may never have tried, and I will teach you how to give up that roller coaster of extreme dieting/binging and move into a healthy relationship with food.

But you have to bring something to this relationship as well. You have to bring an open mind, and that trust we spoke of earlier. My programs are not like other diets you have been on. I have a backward approach that makes some shake their heads - even while they are doing it - thinking this could never work, and then two to three weeks later singing the praises of such a novel approach.

I will guide you through emotional eating, fat brain bad eating habits, and your own reluctance to give up the fat suit, but I can't do it alone. Our relationship must be one of give and take. You must be willing to work toward change, and you must be willing to look at the reality behind the foods you eat and the exercise you do.

Together we will design the perfect diet for you. Nothing canned. Nothing remotely generalized, one specific for who you are as a person. Sure I have my thoughts of what a good sound healthy diet is, but more importantly I understand that no diet is healthy if it isn't followed. My goal is to get you to find a diet and exercise program that you can happily do for life. One without deprivation, one where you aren't thinking every single day about how unfair life is when your skinny friend gets to eat whatever she wants and never gains a pound. I will teach you how to love your body for itself instead of always feeling like it has betrayed you.

To get a better idea of my coaching style, do the Free Learning Hungry and Full Workshop. You don't have to sign up to do it. You don't even have join my mailing list. Check it out. Do it, and see if you think I am the person who just might help you beat your obesity.


What Sets Me and My Obesity Weight Loss Programs Apart?

Good question. I mean really, doesn't every self-proclaimed diet guru promise they can help you beat obesity with fast weight loss? Of course they do. Weight loss is big business, just look at all the weight loss surgery commercials on TV.

I Do not Support:
weight loss surgery, diet pills, fasting of any kind or liquid diets.

I Do Support:
whole foods eating, lots of exercise, and positive attitudes for success.

I'm not going to offer you a magic pill or tell you that fast weight loss is effortless. Nor will I tell you that once you lose the weight that your battles are over. What I will do is make you face the reality of your obesity and work with you to find the solution that is right for you. This is different for each client and it takes an open mind and patience on your part.

Who I Can't Help?

Within the obese community, there are still certain people my methods won't work for regardless of how much support I offer. Here is a list of traits that have kept people from succeeding in the past.

  • Comes to program with set idea of what they want to do. If you aren't willing to experiment and see what really is the best program for you then we will butt heads. You may still have a nice weight loss, but you won't do well long term. That doesn't mean I won't listen to you. Even the initial discovery phase is based on your eating preferences, but you have to have an open mind.

  • Refuses to exercise. Exercise is key for life long weight management and health. We will work a program that is right for you, but all programs require exercise.

  • Are trying to please a fitness trainer's idea of what an obese person needs to do to lose weight. For years I have seen people run toward the weights, yoga, and pilates with little to no weight loss. Trainers always push for more muscle. For the obese duration is more important than strength to burn the fat. I will insist that you do daily cardio and leave the weight training for added fun instead of a method to lose weight.

  • Gets too cocky too soon. Whenever anyone starts a program and immediately jumps into perfection and tons of exercise they always fail within a short period of time. That type of overdo always results in burnout, and then the minute they can't keep up the high level they showed in the beginning they disappear. I rather we start slow and build, and that requires patience not just with me, but with yourself.

  • Start the program to make someone else happy. You cannot succeed unless you are ready to shed your fat suit. Do this for yourself. If you are doing it for anyone else you won't even make it through the first four weeks.

  • Are unwilling to work on change. I have helped many lose lots of weight who refuse to change. What happens? They gain the weight back or they spend their lives in starve/binge mode. If you want to be successful, be willing to look at your shortcomings, be honest about your food addictive behaviors, and know that you did not become obese without overeating. Don't just come for fast weight loss, come to me for a life-time solution. That requires you to work on change.

  • Be ready. If you treat your program as an inconvenience in your life you will not succeed. Make it a priority and do not think that anyone but you is responsible for your achievements. I have people who join who think that just because they are a client that there will not be tough times, that it won't take effort on their part. I offer guidance and accountability. In the end you are the one who does all the hard work. The only miracle that happens here is the one you bestow on yourself.

Services Offered
Fastest Weight Loss
Raw Food Boot Camp®

This is a tough program, but it works and it works fast. It is health based. We use 80-100% low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw foods and walking for weight loss that is as fast as gastric bypass and other weight loss surgery.

We work as a group with daily discussions and audios, and then each member has a personal daily log with me for individualized guidance and accountability.

When the program is followed, a loss of 70-100 lbs in 6 months is the average loss. I know that sounds crazy, but we get it and great health from the raw foods and walking.

This is the program I started immediately after losing my weight in 2005. And it's the diet I used to lose my weight.

This diet is perfect for the all or nothing type of dieters. You bring the all, and I will help you fight off the nothing!

Must have a BMI of 33 or greater to join

Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Weeks

Link: Raw Food Boot Camp

New Start Every Monday Morning

Fast Weight Loss
Whole Foods Boot Camp

This is a subsidiary of Raw Food Boot Camp, but without the raw food requirement. Not everyone can do raw. In this program a minimum of 50% of your diet will be fruits and veggies raw or cooked. The other 50% will be made up of whole foods that are also low fat, low sodium, and low sugar.

The first two weeks, you and I will work together to define your individualized diet using our Finding Your Perfect Diet methods.

As our daily audios and discussions at Raw Food Boot Camp revolve around breaking fat brain lies and habits, cutting the cord with emotional eating, and taking responsibility for our relationship with food, you will be part of the RFBC group in our daily discussions.

Weight loss is a little slower with this type of diet, but if you follow the program and do the walking, you can lose 60-80 lbs in six months.

This diet requires that you want to get healthy as well as lose the weight. I'm not good at coaching for quick weight loss without the healthy part. You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian, but you have to be low fat, low sodium, and low sugar.

If you are doing a diet like Dr. Fuhrman or McDougal or Andrew Weil, you may follow their guidelines. In your log with me, you will be accountable to the diet, and with the group, you will be working on changing forever, not just for weight loss.

Like RFBC, juicing, fasting, and cleanses are not allowed.

Must have a BMI of 33 or greater to join

Cost: $119 - $169 per 4 Weeks

Link: Whole Food Boot Camp

New Start Every Monday Morning

Steady Weight Loss
Finding Your Perfect Diet

This is a program designed to help anyone discover what type of diet they can do and sustain. It is open to anyone regardless of weight.

It is an intensive six week program. It is not meant for weight loss, but discovery.

It is perfect for those who have been told by their physicians that they must change their diet for health reasons, or for those with ailments such as fibromyalgia, chronic antique, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

This program requires work on your behalf. In the end, the goal of this program is to give you the conviction needed to live a new food lifestyle that you can honestly sustain, to get the best health for you.

This program is not part of Raw Food Boot Camp and is not raw food based.

Next Session Starts: July 1, 2013

Cost: $124 for 6 Weeks

Link: Finding Your Perfect Diet

New Programs Coming this Summer/Fall
Finding Your Family's Perfect Diet to Help Your OverWeight Child

Helping the obese is my passion. Preventing obesity in children, is well, what is greater than passion. Hope, dream?

I am currently working with other women who were obese as children/teens to develop a Guide for Parents With Obese Children. That will be free.

On top of that, I am going to offer a program similar to our Finding Your Perfect Diet, that will be geared toward changing the family as a whole in both diet and activity levels to help parents work with their child who is overweight/obese in a positive way to prevent the hardships of obesity.

I haven't decided if this will be done privately on a per family basis, or in a group setting.

If you are interested in this program. Email me at

Breaking Fat Brain Behaviors

We have done this program with great success in the past. It is a 6 Week Intensive that deals with breaking the following bad food habits:

• Emotional Eating

• Denial about your Food

• Food Addictions

• Mindless Eating

• Nibbling & Snacking

• Social Eating

If you are interested in this program. Email me at

I am not a medical, mental health or fitness professional, just a woman who found a way out of obesity and now shares that knowledge and guidance with others. Please speak with your physician before starting this or any other weight loss program.
©2009 Carlene Jones